The Secretary to president, P.B. Abeykoon says the special responsibility of delivering duties to the public through the decisions of the political authority is lies with the public officials.

The Secretary to the president made these remarks addressing the staff of the Presidential Secretariat commencing work for the New Year , today (Jan. 02).

He also expressed his appreciation to the state officers for their contribution in programmes carried out by the President Maithripala Sirisena during the past two years for the development of the country.

He further said that the staff of the Presidential Secretariat, when fulfilling their respective duties should act in a manner which will protect the dignity of the President as well as the country. Mr. Abeykoon also said that a mistake done by a one person could affect for the whole government mechanism.

The staff of the Presidential Secretariat took a pledge to work efficiently and productively with commitment, when fulfilling the state policies and objectives.

The Secretary to president wished everyone strength and courage to fulfill the aspiration of the people and to achieve success in the programme of eliminating poverty in 2017 in Sri Lanka through a rapid development.

The entire staff of the Presidential Secretariat participated in this event.


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