Renaming Nivithigala Dela Central College as Dela Royal College and the students were vested with a new Indoor stadium, laboratory and other facilities under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena today(Sep 8).

These new facilities for the school were provided by the Western Provincial Ministry of Education under the project ‘Nearest School is the best School’ and the amount spent on the new indoor stadium was Rs.4 million. An amount of Rs.5 lacks was spent on building the laboratory.

The current student population of the college built on the year of 1933, is 614.

President Sirisena who visited the college this morning was warmly welcomed by the students of the college.

The President who unveiled the commemoration plaque and presented the new auditorium and the indoor stadium for the usage of the students engaged in an observational visit and held a friendly conversation with the students.

Governor of Sabaragamuwa Province Niluka Ekanayake, Deputy Ministers Lasantha Alagyawanna, Dunesh Gankanda, Member of Parliament A.A.Wjeythunga, Organizer for SLFP Nivithigala Electorate, Miyuru Bhashitha Liyanage, Former Governor Dixon Dela Bandara, and other public representative, Rathnapura   District secretary Malini Lokupathagama, and officers and Principal  Sarath Kumarage, the students and teachers were present in this event.


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