1. Where there exists a previous Fee Schedule prescribed or issued by Public Authorities by way of circulars or regulations, that Fee Schedule shall continue to operate notwithstanding the Fees prescribed in Rule 4.

Provided that any dispute in regard to claims relating to existing Fee Schedules may be the subject of an Appeal to be determined by the Commission in accordance with these Rules on Fees and Appeals.


4. Information provided free of charge

(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in Rule 4 above, the Public Authority shall provide information prepared or contained on four pages (A4 size) of photocopies or printing, free of cost

(2) Information that is ordinarily available free of charge shall continue to be provided free of charge

  1. Mode of Payment of Fee
  2. Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in these Rules, the Public Authority may collect the Fees for information in the following manner:
    1. In cash paid to the Information Officer;
    2. Bank Draft addressed to the Accounts Officer of the Public Authority;
  3. The Information Officer shall issue a receipt against payment of a fee regardless of the manner in which it is paid


Measures taken to inform the officers of the Presidential Secretariat regarding the Right to Information Act

  1. Issuance of internal instructions – Internal Instructions No. 01
  2. Conducting a workshop for making all the Staff Officers of the Office aware of the same on 28.02.2017
  • Venue – Presidential Secretariat, Colombo 01
  • Lecturer – Mr. B.K.S. Ravindra , Additional Secretary to the President