President Maithripala Sirisena said he gave up powers voluntarily as a minister, years before shedding Presidential powers under the 19th Amendment as the President. He recalled that he devolved his powers as Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Health to Provincial Councils in writing.

Addressing the 32nd Conference of the Chif Ministers in Hikkaduwa, the President said he became the President, not to grab power but to transfer his powers. He pointed out that devolving powers instead of centralizing powers is the concept supported by experts, intellectuals and constitutional experts.

President Sirisena said it is the duty of everybody to think under the concept of One Nation and ensure proper cooperation between the government and the provincial councils and take the country towards prosperity.

“Let me assure that the government will never surrender itself to any country” president said. He said the people will be able to see the benefits of international agreements the government had got into in a year.

Pointing out that the consensus between two parties to govern the country is a new experience, President Sirisena called for the political leadership and officials to extend fullest cooperation for this experience to success and take the nation forward.



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