Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

Plans to provide 100000 jobs to unskilled youths reaches final phase

The plan to recruit 100000 unskilled youths to multi-task human resource force has reached its final stage. This is being done under the Vision for Progress envisaged in the election manifesto of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The notification for calling of applications would be issued by January 20, 2020. The youths belonging to the poorest families are eligible to apply.

Under this scheme youths belonging to the poorest of poor families will be selected. This would provide an income to the poorest families and that would raise the living standards of those families.

Once recruited they will be provided with skills training and deploy to different public  sector institutions for employment. While deploying them the youths will get priority to join an institution closer to their residences.Under this scheme, unemployed graduates will also get employment to manage this recruitment, training and job deployment.

The recruitment will be conducted under the supervision of Buddhist monks and other heads of religious places, government agents and public officials. The assistance of security force officials will also be provided for the recruitment process.

The youths will be employed in hospitals and government offices as unskilled workers and in other departments such as fisheries and wildlife after training them in the required skins.  They will also trained in skills such as carpentry, mason and other such vocations and deploy to the government services where such workers are required.

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