Presidential Book Project

Nena Guna Thilina is a project implemented by the Welfare Society of the Presidential Secretariat to fulfill the vision of His Excellency the President for the children of this country to develop as responsible, creative, healthy and productive citizens one day.

bookprojectsIn Sri Lanka, we have approximately 4.1 million school-going children of varying ages, some of whom have access to learning and education facilities of extremely high standards, but also a significant number for whom such opportunities are hard to come by. Resource constraints often hamper school infrastructure development and accessibility to quality education in remote parts of the country. Nevertheless, the high literacy level we enjoy is a clear indication of the enormous capacities that our children can further aspire to.

The project commenced in September 2010 with the gifting of the first book collection to Bakamuna Madhya Maha Vidyalaya in rural Polonnaruwa by His Excellency the President. To date, 493 schools have benefitted from the project receiving valuable book collections worth approximately Rs 37 million.

Main features of the Presidential Book Project:

The project is managed by the Welfare Society of the Presidential Secretariat as a voluntary, social responsibility initiative with the support of donor individuals and organisations.

  • The recipients will be schools which visit Temple Trees from all parts of the country. Every week, between 10 – 12 schools visit the Temple Trees. A considerable number of such schools either lack a library in any form or have only ill-equipped libraries.
  • Each school is donated a pack of 250-300 books of educational and literary value suitable for children up to 15 years of age. The donations will enable schools to either start a new library or supplement existing resources.books
  • The books in each pack will be apportioned in a manner that a Sinhala medium school will receive 65% Sinhala books, 30% English books and 5% Tamil books while a Tamil medium school will receive 65% Tamil books, 30% English books and 5% Sinhala books. The books will be reviewed and selected by a panel of knowledgeable members.
  • Several book publishers and book importers have already conveyed their readiness to sponsor the book requirements either as outright donations or at concessionary rates. However, there is still a considerable cost to incur in order to maintain a continuous supply of books. We have estimated this to be approximately Rs 14 million per year.
  • Individuals or organizations wishing to donate may kindly send their contribution in favour of Welfare Association of the Presidential Secretariat, People’s Bank Account No: 014-1-001-8-2204431.


  • Book packs will be handed over as practically as possible by His Excellency the President personally when schools visit the Temple Trees. Each donor will be given due recognition by a display of the name of the individual or organization on the book packs. In addition, every donor will be acknowledged in periodic newspaper notifications published by the Welfare Society of the Presidential Secretariat on the progress of the Presidential Book Project. The transparency and commitment to the objectives of the project will be assured on a continuous basis throughout the project period.