President Maithripala Sirisena says a lot of new investments will be initiated in the Northern Province with support of foreign investors to solve the burning problem of the unemployment among the Northern youths.

“My expectation is to see every people in the North and the South living happily. The government will solve every problem of the people in the North while providing them the benefits of the development”, he said.

The President made these remarks at the opening ceremony of the newly built Hirdramani garments factory in Pudukudirippu yesterday (Jan. 24). The factory will create job opportunities to the youths in the North.

“The lives of the people cannot be made happy only with the sand, bricks and cement. It’s the government’s responsibility to win the hearts and minds of the people. The new government is dedicated to build peace, brotherhood and reconciliation among every community by fulfilling the needs of every community, giving no room for a war again in this country”, the President stated.

President Sirisena visited different sections of the garments factory and held cordial discussions with the youths employed in the factory. When the President inquired, the young people made him conversant about the lack of development in their areas. The President pledged to take steps to fulfill their needs without any delay.

Some of them requested the President to help them to find their friends and relatives who were disappeared during the period of the conflict. Some people appealed to the President to free their closed ones who are currently in the custody. The President said he would look into their grievances.

The parents of ex LTTE carder Shivaraja Genivan who was pardoned by President Sirisena met the President and extended their thanks to him at this occasion. Mr. Genivan attempted to assassinate the President 10 years ago at a ceremony during his period as a Minister. The parents of him said they who prayed for the God at different Hindu temples to get their son released and now they met with a living God, who graciously pardoned their son.



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