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‘Provide a report speedily’ – President instructs Health Secretary

Nearly 5000 patients with chronic kidney disease per year reported in Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Health revealed.

According to the Ministry of Health the main causes for the disease are the use of agricultural chemicals, diseases like diabetic and high blood pressure.

The special attention of the President has been drawn in this regard, and the President has given instructions to the Secretary of the Health Ministry to submit a report to him on this issue as soon as possible.

The President further said that the Government is expected to produce this report to countries like Germany, which are willing to assist Sri Lanka to control the chronic kidney disease and to implement projects with the support of these countries to eliminate this menace from the country.

The President made these remarks participating in the progress review meeting of the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine held at the auditorium of the National Blood Transfusion Centre, Narahenpita, yesterday (07).

All persons engaged in the field of the health participated in this meeting and the progress of the programs implemented by respective institutions were discussed in detail during the meeting.

The draft of the ten-year National Health Policy was presented at this event and the policy will be implemented in consultation with the public as well as all the stakeholders in the health field.

The main reason for the most of the prevailing diseases are the use of chemical for the agricultural purpose and the attention was drawn to the steps that could be taken to minimize this situation.

The Ministry of Health revealed that they take steps to ban the adding Monosodium glutamate to food in the future and already the necessary steps have been taken in this regard.

During the meeting President inquired into the progress of the program implemented by the Government to control the use of sugar.

The attention was also paid on the current status of the programs on AIDS, carried out by the Health Ministry.

The President who inquired about the progress of the programs initiated by the ministry for the prevention of drugs, pointed out the use of drugs in the Northern Province has been increased. He indicated the importance of giving the priority to the North in the programs for drug prevention.

They also discussed about the production of drugs and medicines.

During the discussion on the spread of the Dengue, the officials requested the President to expedite the cabinet approval for a permanent force of thousand members to help the entomologists.

When the attention was paid on the malnutrition, the Health Ministry pointed out that the malnutrition among the children under age 5 has now decreased from 21% to 15.5%. They revealed the high-nutrition has been increased among the school children instead due to their incorrect food pattern.

Acting Minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Mohommad Cassim, Secretary to the Ministry Anura Jayawickrema and the Director General of Health Doctor Palitha Mahipala were among those participated in this discussion.

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