Inspects the Defence Ministry premises too

The paramount duty of the public officials is to deliver an efficient and optimum service

No disorder should occur when providing service; process should be streamlined within a month before my next visit – President tells officials

It is the duty of all public officials to provide a prompt and accurate service to the public without inconveniencing anyone who are seeking the service, emphasized President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Similarly, no irregularities should occur during the course of action.

President made these observations while on an inspection tour at the Department of Motor Traffic (RMV) office in Werahera today (26).

President inspected every section at the office.

Later, President met several senior officials and discussed the operation at the office.

“Time is a vital factor for anyone. Hence, the officials should be committed themselves to provide their service in an efficient manner. The client should be notified when their job can be completed. This will be helpful for the public to attend their other work instead of waiting and wasting their time at the office,” said the President while highlighting the importance of resolving issues through negotiation.

“It is very important that institutions such as Department of Motor Traffic which serves a large number of people in the country set an example to others. When delivering their service all the officials should firmly resolve themselves to prevent any fraud or corruption”. President instructed to recruit suitable candidate from among the 54,000 unemployed graduates to fill any existing vacancy.

The public is appalled by the actions of the politicians and the officials. Both parties should work in a responsible manner to change this situation, President added.

President Rajapaksa also visited the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences at General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU).

President instructed the relevant authorities to address all the shortcomings immediately and make the hospital fully functional.

There are only 40 specialists serving at the moment where the requirement for specialist doctors stands at 68. Although, the requirement of general physicians is 100, there are only 20 doctors in service.

Only 04 wards out of 9 with 700 beds are in use. President directed to take measures to address these issues swiftly.

Recruitments should be done in accordance with the proper procedure followed by vacancy announcements.

President also went on an inspection tour at the Ministry of Defence premises in Galle Face.

President discussed with the officials regarding the maintenance of premises and he instructed to expedite land preparation according to a proper plan.