Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

Vesak program draws large crowds to Shangri-La Green, Galle Face

The second day of the ‘Rice Dansala’ was held at Shangri-La Green, Galle Face, in celebration of the Buddha Rashmi National Vesak holiday Yesterday (06). This year’s Vesak festival is especially significant as it marks the first-time people have been able to celebrate it in four years, following a difficult period. The enthusiasm and excitement of the people who participated in the festival were palpable.

The ‘Rice Dansala’ was made possible thanks to the generous contributions of the ‘Maha Karuna Buddhist Association’ and the Willing Hearts Foundation, both from Singapore. The event was inaugurated on May 05, with the attendance of dignitaries such as Venerable Dr. Karadetiyana Gunarathana Thera, the President of the Maha Karuna Buddhist Society of Singapore, Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, Member of Parliament Wajira Abeywardena, President’s Secretary Saman Ekanayake, President’s Trade Union Director General Saman Ratnapriya, Director General (Community Affairs) Mr. Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon, and others.

The festivities also included the illumination of a splendid Pandol, which was built on the premises.

From May 03 to May 06, several programs were organized at Shangri-La Green Galle Face and Presidential Secretariat Premises to celebrate the Buddha Rashmi National Vesak festival. Additionally, on Vesak Poya day, Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena inaugurated the ‘Buddha Rashmi’ Vesak zone, which was organized by the Hunupitiya Gangarama Temple in Colombo.

The event was attended by several dignitaries, including Venerable Dr. Kirinde Assaji Thera, the Chief Incumbent of Gangaramaya, Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena, Members of Parliament Wajira Abeywardena, G. L. Peiris, President’s Secretary Saman Ekanayake, Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Mr Gopal Bagle, and others.

The Gangarama Buddha Rashmi Vesak edition concludes today (07), and the organizers will be honored with gifts and merit certificates during the closing ceremony tonight.