Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

Summary of activities of the Fund


Summary of activities of the Fund

Total contribution to the Fund at the end of 31st October 2020 – Rs.1,668,379,121.74

Activities approved by the Management Committee;

ActivityAllocated (Rs.)Actual Expenditure (Rs.)Implementing Agency
PCR Testing100,000,00042,605,812Ministry of Health &University Grants Commission
Advocacy Programme100,000,00024,364,800Ministry of Health
Quarantine Facilities86,528,70138,031,065Ministry of Health & Ministry of Defence
Lab Facilities of Batticaloa Teaching Hospital 112,140,000Confirmation is anticipatedMinistry of Health
Upgrade of Rapid Test Kit 3,522,000Confirmation is anticipatedSLINTEC


  • All the contributions are comprised with the donation of General Public, Government institutions, Private institutions, Citizens of overseas and religious institutions…etc.
  • Fund is operated by appointed management committee.
  • Fund activities & Accounts are subjected to Audit by the Auditor General.
  • Fund is used to essential matters as well as anticipate future requirements of the outbreak.