Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

Secretary to the President

The current Secretary to the President commands over 40 years of wide and varied experience as a Central Banker and a senior public servant. He served as the Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and Planning and Secretary to the Treasury during 1999-2014 while making an outstanding contribution in the areas of Public Policy Making, Public Financial Management, Policy Development and Planning, Development Assistance and Project Financing Negotiations with multilateral/ bi-lateral financial institutions, development agencies and foreign governments and trade agreement negotiations. He has led several investment promotion missions to Singapore, Japan, China and India. In the initial stage of his career, Dr Jayasundera served briefly at the Industrial Development Board and at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (1976-1997) in different positions including being a Senior Economist, Division Head and Additional Director of Economic Research Department.

Dr Jayasundera has served as an ex-officio member of the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the Finance Commission of Sri Lanka, while being the Secretary to the Treasury. As a member of the Monetary Board, apart from regular responsibilities associated with assessing macroeconomic conditions and regulatory supervision, he advocated reforms to ensure greater coordination between fiscal and monetary policy management within the overall legal framework. As a Member of the Finance Commission, he was instrumental in improving financial coordination and development planning of devolved fiscal units.

Dr. Jayasundera has spearheaded efforts to strengthen banking and financial institutions through consolidations, mergers and acquisitions and was instrumental in setting up the Regional Development Bank that places emphasis on financing small and medium enterprises.

Dr Jayasundera has also served as Secretary to the Ministry of Economic Development which was responsible for the promotion of foreign investment, tourism, SMEs and rural economy in Sri Lanka during 2010 – 14, in addition to his substantive responsibilities as Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Planning.

As the Chairman of the Public Enterprise Reforms Commission – Government’s  privatization arm (1997-2002), Dr. Jayasundera led the privatization of Sri Lanka Telecom, SriLankan Airlines, plantations, petroleum and gas, insurance and several manufacturing enterprises.

Sharing his experience in the interest of other jurisdictions, the short term consultancy assignments through which Dr. Jayasundera has disseminated his expertise, include Vietnam (2002-IMF), Sudan (2003 – IMF), Lao PDR (2003 – World Bank), Sri Lanka (2003-World Bank), Sri Lanka (2015-UNDP), Myanmar (2016 – IMF)  and Nepal ( 2017- UNCDF).

Dr. Jayasundera holds a Masters Degree and a PhD. in Economics from the Boston University, USA – 1984; a Masters Degree in Development Economics from Williams College, USA -1980  and B.A.(Hon.) – Economics (1973) & B. Phil. –  Economics (1974) from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.