Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

Secretary to the President surrenders his salary for May to W and OP Social Security Contribution

Secretary to the President, Mr. P.B. Jayasundara has donated his full salary and allowances for the month of May to Government’s W and OP Social Security Contribution.

The Secretary to the President has informed the President that he is making this contribution voluntarily because the President as the Head of State of this nation needs a stress free budget.

Mr. P.B. Jayasundara said that the monthly wage bill of the Government is about Rs.80 billion. If government corporations, Banks and Universities are added, its closer to Rs. 90 to Rs.100 billion.

The President’s visionary leadership and deep commitment to help the poor and vulnerable people by keeping them healthy and protected in the midst of COVID-19 is far in excellence than any other nation. Mr. Jayasundara further stated that he was inspired by the President’s commitment and leadership to make this decision.

If all public servants do so by half of their salary to their own widows and dependents, the Government revenue will increase by about Rs.50 billion and expenditure will decline by Rs.50 billion, thereby budget deficit by Rs.100 billion in one month, Mr. Jayasundara stated.