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Education is the Gateway to Enrich Children’s Lives – says President’s Secretary, Mr. Saman Ekanayake

President’s Secretary Mr. Saman Ekanayake underscored the pivotal role of education in shaping the lives of children, emphasizing that it is the sole pathway to their success. He highlighted that the successful completion of education leads to the formation of informed citizens, directly impacting the overall success of the nation.

President’s Secretary, Mr. Saman Ekanayake, made this statement during his participation in the ceremony held recently to inaugurate the provision of a fully equipped library to Konkadawala Vidyalaya, Navagaththegama.

These remarks were expressed during Mr. Ekanayake’s participation in a ceremony, where a fully equipped library was provided to Konkadawala Vidyalaya, Navagaththegama.

With the guidance of President’s Secretary Mr. Saman Ekanayake and the support of Chinese financial assistance, two fully equipped libraries were established at Konkadawala Vidyalaya, Navagaththegama, and Duwa Junior College, Negombo, facilitated by the intervention of the President’s Office.

Each library, costing Rs. 02 million, is stocked with essential books for students ranging from grade 6 to grade 11. The primary aim of this initiative is to assist rural students facing economic challenges, fostering a future generation enriched with knowledge.

During his speech, Mr. Ekanayake shared that the idea of providing libraries to these schools stemmed from a conversation with the Chinese Deputy Ambassador to Sri Lanka, who expressed the possibility of supporting a Rs. 04 million project. He selected two schools, reflecting on the potential impact these libraries could have on the education of children attending these institutions over the next decade. Mr. Ekanayake, drawing from his own experiences of receiving primary education in a similar small school, emphasized the importance of supporting these children’s education to pave the way for their future.

He shared a poignant story about the Chinese Deputy Ambassador’s father. ‘To the best of my knowledge, the father of the present Chinese Deputy Ambassador, who is in attendance today, worked as a farmer. In the eighth grade, the Chinese Deputy Ambassador’s father insisted that he join in planting activities, leading to significant back pain after an hour of labour. Upon sharing this discomfort with his father, the advice given was, “If you don’t excel in your studies, you may find yourself compelled to engage in this occupation.”

Embracing that valuable lesson, the Deputy Ambassador has risen to the position of Deputy Ambassador today, operating on an international stage. This success underscores the vital message that children should internalize — education stands as the sole means to triumph in life. It is imperative to recognize that, without education, the future holds uncertainties not just for the individual children but also for the prosperity of the entire nation’.

The event was attended by State Minister Arundika Fernando, Member of Parliament Dr. Kavinda Jayawardene, Chinese Deputy Ambassador to Sri Lanka YANWAI ZHU, officials from the Ministry of Education, Principals, teaching staff, parents and a group of students.

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