Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

‘ITUKAMA’ COVID – 19 Fund balance surpasses Rs. 1511 million

Following corporate, individual donations and direct deposits, ‘ITUKAMA’ COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund balance has now surpassed Rs. 1511 million.

Government employees of the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council have donated Rs. 17,504,709.35 to the Fund. This sum was handed over to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa by Governor of the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council Tikiri Kobbekaduwa.

In addition, Mr. W.A. Upali Premathilaka Rs. 100,000.00, Ms. J. Lalitha Robinson Rs. 10,000.00, Honus Brothers & Mr. Lalanda Rs. 5,000, Ms. Kanate Gedara  Eliza Rs.10, 000.00, Mr. B.M. Rathnayake Rs.10, 000.00, Mr. T.L. Premarathne Rs.5,000.00, Mr. K.C.S.K. Premalal Rs.500.00, Mr. K.R. Danuja Thikshana Rs.1,500.00, Kegalle District Sasanarakshaka Mandalaya Rs. 687,500.00 and the Mawanella Bhikkhu Balamandalaya and Mawanella Sasanarakshaka Balamandalaya Rs. 250,000.00 donated to the Fund. These donations were handed over to President Rajapaksa.

Parents of the medical students at the Kursk State Medical University in Russia have donated Rs.115, 000.00 to the Fund. Secretary and the staff of the Central Provincial Council Rs.44,500.00, the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration Rs. 111,899.82, engineer L.W.D. Danansuriya Rs.  100,000.00 and Rubber Development Department Rs. 96,696.04 donated to the Fund.

The Fund’s balance has now reached Rs. 1,511,158,364.14.

Local, as well as foreign donors, have made their contributions to the Fund. Deposits can be made through cheques, telegraphic transfers, via or by dialling #207#.

For further information contact through 0760700700/ 011232088 / 0112354340 or 0112424012.