Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

President calls “Viyathmaga” intellectuals to support government’s forward journey

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa requested the intellectuals of the “Viyathmaga” to participate in the government’s journey to make a better and prosperous Sri Lanka.

The “Viyathmaga” organization comprised professionals, academics and entrepreneurs representing a number of fields. The “Viyathmaga” was launched in the April of 2017 and its activities made a deep impact in the political social perspective of the citizenry.

President highlighted that the “Viyathmaga” is responsible in formulating strategies and policies to move the country towards prosperity without getting involved in affairs that should be handled by political authority.

President made these remarks yesterday (13) during his first meeting with Viyathmaga members at their headquarters, Athul Kotte after his assumption of the Presidential office.

State Ministries have been structured prioritizing the promotion of economic and social conditions of the people at rural and urban levels. President showed the Executive Council of the “Viyathmaga” how they could contribute in accomplishing these objectives.

President Rajapaksa stated that the “Viyathmaga” can guide State Ministries in their future tasks by setting up sub-committees and presenting strategies and proposals. “You can also advise and direct ministers to overcome challenges when they face difficulties in exercising their duties”. President added.

President observed that all development projects must adhere to environment preservation guidelines and no harm should fall upon the environment.

President explained the decisions taken by the executive committee of the “Viyathmaga” to the active members of the organization and showed the possibility to contribute in policy making at the divisional level.

The requirement of recruiting new members covering all the fields and areas were also considered during the discussion.

State Ministers, Ajith Nivad Cabraal, Nalaka Godahewa, Sarath Weerasekara, Seetha Arambepola, Member of Parliament Upul Galappaththi and several others were present at the discussion.