Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

Condolence Message

I wish to express my deep sorrow over the demise of Mr W J M Lokubandara, an exemplary citizen and a veteran politician.

He has etched a memorable mark in the Sri Lankan society as a former Speaker of Parliament, a Cabinet Minister and a Governor. His political role was much respected among his supporters as well as opponents as he kept a close attention to the aspirations of the people.

An outstanding scholar of Sinhala language and culture, he was a devoted lover of the language. He instilled the love for Sinhala language in the country and society through the linguistic organization, the Hela Hawula. Mr Lokubandara enriched Sinhala literature by contributing several outstanding works. With his mastery over the language and erudite delivery, he won the attraction of the masses. His vision and esteemed knowledge of religion made him a vivid example of a traditional lifestyle of a Sinhala Buddhist for others to emulate.

The footsteps he left behind as a people-centric politician, literary figure, critic and an intellectual will provide topics for societal dialogues for a long period to come.

I pray my friend W J M Lokubandara attain supreme bliss of Nibbana.