Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

President’s Easter Sunday Message


Easter, the noblest festival in the Christian calendar, symbolizes the victory over evil and sin. Easter further provides devotees an opportunity to repent each individual’s sin in order to bring the spirit of renewal to the human life.

The Christians all over the world spend the 40 day lent period begins on Ash Wednesday indulging in religious activities recalling the crucifixion, sacrifice, and the death of Jesus. They celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, with full of joy and delight, on Easter Sunday.

The Christian community, during this period, commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to save humanity.

Two years ago, when the Easter Sunday was being celebrated by the Sri Lankan Christian community with utmost devotion, they became victims of most brutal attacks by extremists. The sorrowful memory of pain and loss caused by this tragic incident had not faded away from the broken hearts of the suffering people even today. We will leave no room for the culprits as well as groups, who are responsible for this dastardly attack to escape the arm of law. Also, the government is determined to ensure national security in order to prevent recurrence of such tragedies in the Motherland.

The Christian teaching of love and mercy that Jesus Christ taught us provides a strong foundation for the society. Therefore, let us determine that in this Easter Sunday, we will unite and stand together to overcome various conflicts and calamities that we have to face in today’s world and to live in a society filled with love and harmony.

I wish everyone a Peaceful Easter.