Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

Remaining balance of ‘ITUKAMA’ COVID–19 Fund to be allocated for vaccination drive

  • Total amount credited to the Fund – Rs. 1,752,402,793.24
  • Current balance of the Fund – Rs. 1,360,922,969.24

A decision has been taken to allocate the remaining balance of Rs. 1,360,922,969.24 of the COVID–19 (ITUKAMA) Healthcare and Social Security Fund to the COVID-19 vaccination drive.

The total amount credited to the Fund was Rs. 1,752,402,793.24, out of which Rs. 391,479,824.00 had been utilized so far. The spent amount is 23% of the total amount of funds received.

The remaining balance of the Fund is a quite small amount compared to the amount the government is expected to spend on vaccinations. However, the Management Board of the Fund has pointed out the importance of using the Fund’s balance for vaccination.

The expenditures of the Fund are as follows;

Expenditure incurred to control the epidemic

  • PCR test related expenses –  42,605,812.00
  • For awareness campaigns –  67,543,967.00
  • ‍Expenditure on quarantine centres and related procedures –  38,031,065.00
  • Administrative expenditures –           3,000.00

Amount to be paid

  • Vaccination related expenses –       41,545,980.00
  • For the purchase of 10 ambulances –       194,000,000.00
  • To purchase ICU beds –       7,750,000.00

Total amount paid and due –      Rs. 391,479,824.00

All these expenditures were borne by the Ministry of Health and the Army Headquarters.

The public, several local institutions as well as Sri Lankan expatriates made donations to the ‘ITUKAMA’ COVID–19 Fund. International financial institutions or organisations have not contributed to the COVID–19 Fund.

According to international laws, foreign aid and donations are made to the Treasury. There is no connection between this Fund and donations from international organizations. Even though the COVID–19 Fund received more public donations in 2020, the average monthly donation received up to April 2021 is around Rs.7 million.

The Fund’s Board of Management says that some information circulated through various media platforms in this regard is false and that the accounts of the Fund for the year 2020 have been handed over to the National Audit Office to conduct an audit.