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‘ITUKAMA’ COVID – 19 Fund balance surpasses Rs. 1,230 million

With corporate and individual donations and direct deposits, ‘ITUKAMA’ COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund balance has now surpassed Rs. 1,230 million.

WNS Global Services (Pvt) Ltd Company has donated Rs. 5,895,000 to the Fund while Kiribathgoda Eriyawetiya Sri Rathna Viharavasi Ven. Bangladesh Chandrajothi Thero has donated Rs. 100,000 to the Fund and the cheques for this sum were handed over to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University has donated Rs. five million to the Fund and the cheque for this sum was handed over to the President by the Vice Chancellor, Major General Milinda Peiris, today (02).

The other donations made to the Fund included Rs. 37,358.71 by the Project Management Division of the Primary Health Care System Strengthening Project under the Ministry of Health, Rs. 145,183.30 by J.R Jayewardene Centre, Rs. 100,000 by Ven. Lathpadure Rahula Thero, Rs. 500,000 by Sinha Lands Sales (Pvt) Ltd and Rs. 200,000 by  Mr. Chandana Senarathne.

The Fund also received Rs. 1,146,200 via the ‘ITUKAMA’ website.

The Fund’s balance has now reached Rs. 1,230,748,037.77.

Local, as well as foreign donors, have made their contributions to the Fund. Deposits can be made through cheques, telegraphic transfers, via or by dialling #207#.

For further information contact through 0760700700/ 0112320880/ 0112354340 or 0112424012.

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