Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

President has People’s mandate to make the right constitution for the country -Maha Sanga

Maha Sanga stated that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been given the mandate by the people to make the most appropriate constitution for the country.

Theros stated that they are more than enthusiastic to see the President’s forward journey to establish a self-sustained economy while fulfilling expectations of the citizenry.

These comments were made by the Viharadhikari theros of Lankarama, Mirasewetiya and Sri Sambudhdha Jayanthi viharas when President, who is in Anuradhpaura, visited these temples today(September 12). President Rajapaksa paid homage to Atamasthanas, yesterday(September 11).

President Rajapaksa paid homage to Lankarama vihara and engaged in pleasantries with the Viharadhikari Ven. Ralapanawe Dhammajothi thero. President inspected the progress of the on-going conservations and did not forget to converse with the devotees present at the vihara premises.

President called on the Viharadhikai thero of the Mirisawetiya, Ven Ithalawatunawawe Nghanathilaka Nayaka thero and received blessings.

Thereafter, President Rajapaksa visited the Sri Sambudhdha Jayanthi vihara and inquired into the well-being of the Ven. Nugethanne Sri Panghananda thero.