Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

“Itukama Covid Health and Social Security Fund” winds up

A decision has been taken to wind up operations of the “Covid 19 Health and Social Security Fund”, which was established to provide relief to those affected by the Covid 19 epidemic, and Cabinet approval has been obtained for it.

The Secretary of the Covid-19 Health and Social Security Fund, Dr Tharaka Liyanapathirana notified the public that the “Covid-19 Health and Social Security Fund” at the Bank of Ceylon, account number 85737373 has been closed down effective from October 18th and requested the public not to donate to this fund from now on.

He also notified donors not to send cheques or money towards this fund, to the Presidential Secretariat.

The secretary of the Covid-19 Health and Social Security Fund extended his appreciation to the donors who contributed to this fund to make this program implemented throughout the country during the Covid-19 epidemic, a success.

The Covid-19 Health and Social Security Fund had received a total of Rs. 2,207,164,785.58 (Rs. two billion two hundred and seven million one hundred sixty-four thousand, seven hundred and eighty-five and fifty-eight cents) in donations.

Out of this sum, Rs. 1,997,569,456.56 (One billion, nine hundred and ninety-seven million, five hundred and sixty-nine thousand, four hundred and fifty-six rupees and fifty-six cents.) had been used for providing facilities for PCR tests, awareness programs, quarantine activities, national vaccination program, purchase of beds for intensive care units and purchase of medicines.

As of October 18, 2022, the sum remaining in the Covid Fund was Rs. 216,877,431.05 (Two hundred and sixteen million, eight hundred and seventy-seven thousand, four hundred and thirty-one rupees and five cents), which has been credited to the President’s Fund to provide for surgery and medical aid assistance.

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