Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

National Salaries and Cadre Commission

Provisions of Article 33 (2) of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, His Excellency the President do hereby establish the National Salaries and Cadre Commission according to the Extraordinary Gazette Notification No. 2115/12 dated 18.03.2019 for a period of two years with effect from 25th March 2019 and appoint the following officers to the Commission.


Mr. S. Ranugge


Mr. C P  Siriwardena
Dr.  Damitha de Zoysa
Mr. Lalith Kannangara
Mr. Janaka Sugathadasa
Mrs. Chithrangani Wagiswara
Mrs. Chandrani Senarathna
Mr. Kingsley Fernando
Mr. G. S. Edirisinghe
Mr. M C Wickramasekara
Dr. Palitha Abeykoon
Mr. D Abeysooriya
Mr. Leslie S Devendra


National Salaries and Cadre Commission
Room No – 2-116,  B.M.I.C.H, Colombo 07
Telephone No./Fax No. – 0112669134
Email No. –

The executive staff of the National Salaries and Cadres Commission is as follows-

Designation Name Telephone Number
Secretary Mr. Anura Jayawickrama 0112676512
Consultant Mr. M A Dharmadasa 0112686423
Senior Assistant Secretary Mrs. K.M.W Priyadarshani 0112686423
Mrs. M D I B Gamage 0112691137
Assistant Secretaries Miss. M D S Prasadini 0112686423
Mrs. K H L Kodituwakku 0112676514
Mrs. T S Karasnagoda 0112696364
Mrs.  K W L Atigala 0112673412
Miss T U G Rathnayaka 0112676514

The functions of the Commission are as follows:

  • Reviewing the currently sanctioned staff for each institution in the public sector as a whole including the Provincial Councils and propose an optimal staff for each such institution.

(b)  Recommending proposals to bring about a fundamental change in the current management systems and the administrative ethos in the public service in such a way as to facilities the achievement of set objectives and evaluation of performance with a view to enhancing productivity of the public service.

(c)  Formulating innovative schemes to determine and adjust salaries, wages, annual bonus, and various other incentives of the public service in keeping with the current accelerated Economic Development Programme which is based on the concept of good governance.

(d)  Making recommendations for the introduction of a suitable salaries and wages structure for the public service including the Provincial  Public Service; semi- government service including State Corporation, State Enterprise and Statutory Boards, Central Bank of Sri Lanka and State Banking Sector; Armed Services ; Universities and special Institutions for which legislative provisions have been made for the salaries and emoluments of staff to be charged on Consolidated Fund; with focus on matters referred preamble.

(e)  Recommending a suitable National Salaries and Wages Policy in order to prevent inappropriate competition that may arise in diverting manpower resources to the Public Sector Institution including those referred to at (d) above and the Private Sector.

(f)  Initiating such action as is deemed appropriate until such time a National Salary and Wage Policy is formulated and implemented as mentioned at (e) above ; to minimize the issues identified in relation to salaries, staff and Service Minutes in giving effect to the Public Administration and Management Circular No. 30 or salary anomalies occasioned by the salary increases granted and to act as an arbitrator and in such instance to provide solutions having regard to the National Salaries and Wages Policy to be formulated in the future.

(g)  Making recommendations regarding the methodology to be adopted in the payment or revision of pensions consequent to salary increased effected in the public sector from time to time.

(h)  Formulating a methodology and submit recommendations to the Government on the implementation of a contributory pension scheme for employees of the public service.

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