Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka

President in Kegalle promises special programme to mitigate landslides disasters ; people assure strong Parliament

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa told the people in Kegalle a special programme will be launched to mitigate disastrous consequences of landslides that frequently occur in the district.

President made this pledge while attending several public gatherings organized in Kegalle district today (18). President Rajapaksa is in Kegalle in support of the candidates of Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna (SLPP) contesting August 5th election.

President joined public rallies organized by candidates Rajika Wickramasinghe and W. Jayaratne in Lavana Fair ground in Bulathkohupitiya and Dippitiya, Aranayake respectively. People warmly welcomed the President while Maha Sangha chanted Seth Pirith to invoke blessings on the President.

Responding to queries by the public, President Rajapaksa said native crops will receive a higher price in the future as import of minor crops has been halted.

After listening to requests of the people President instructed officials to develop Bulathkohupitiya – Yatiyanthota road.

President paid special attention to the request of protecting the youth from illegal drug menace prevalent in the area.

He also attended the public meeting organized by the SLPP candidate Indunil Shantha Gunasekara at Mayurapada College playground where he engaged in cordial discussions with the residents of the area.

Issues faced by the health workers were presented and the people discussed the importance of amending age-old laws in order to revive Co-operative Movement to which President responded positively.

Steps taken by the President for the benefit of the country was highly commended by the people and they pledged to work in utmost commitment to secure 2/3rd majority for the incumbent government in the upcoming election.

President also participated in meetings organized by candidates Saman Jayasinghe, former Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya and candidate Udayakantha Gunathilleke.

Earlier in the day, during meetings at Deraniyagala Sirisaman Central College playground and Children’s Park in Deraniyagala President Rajapaksa stated that priority will be given to promote local rubber cultivation and production while assuring a reasonable price for rubber. This will be instrumental in attracting unemployed persons to the industry, President said. Those who engaged in the rubber industry do not receive a proper price for their products due to the involvement of middlemen. Hence, the number of people occupied in the sector is less, people pointed out. Spice producers too voiced their grievances.